Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Beguiling Hexis

I confess to having a love affair with hexis.
It's been going on for a while.
A few years ago I found the courage to try these six-sided, 
paper-pieced beauties, and today I still find them 
charming and irresistible.
Some of their noteworthy qualities are that they're portable, 
definitely scrap-friendly, enticing with their design potential and
a direct link to our quilting foremothers. 
I think I've heard they reduce stress, too.... (broken link on Pinterest)
If you'd like to have a go at sewing hexis,
or want to brush up on your hexi know-how,
here are three well-done, brief blog tutorials showing
all you need to know to create your own stress-busting
hexi masterpieces

I like this tutorial from A Bee In My Bonnet's Lori Holt. 
With clear photos and easy-to-follow instructions,
she demonstrates the traditional piecing method.

I like this tutorial from Clare at Selfsewn 
for a clear visual on sewing hexis together.

I like this tutorial from Alex at Road Home Quilting
for easily learning how hexi templates are sized, 
as well as for joining options.

For more quilting eye candy and talented quilters, 
have a look at (and follow) my Quilted Heaven 
and Quilt Blocks Pinterest boards.

Thank you, Marjorie, for these gigantic yet delicate 
pink blooms spreading cheer throughout our home
as we endure many a cold, gray day.


  1. Lovely arrangement of colors - perhaps inspired by Marjorie's flowers? There is nothing like flowers on gray winter days!

  2. Or a walk along the beach, you lucky duck!

  3. I love them too, their is something so homey about them. Clarice

  4. I can't believe the staying power of this bulb...two months later and it's still sending out giant pink and white flowers. Marjorie sure can pick 'em!