Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Sugar Buzz Princess

I was honored to be a recent guest at my niece Breezy's Princess party. 
The kingdom was outfitted with sparkling crowns and gowns, 
glittering magic wands, pinks a-plenty, and a delicious
princess cake!

Look carefully at the above picture and you'll see Breezy's two finger
technique for the classic Frosting Swipe.
So much to learn from this skilled three year old.

Making gifts for Breezy is always a blast.
These were last year's gifts
and this is what I made for her this year:
Frankie the Bloodhound keeping careful watch over Princess Breezy's foot stool.
The entire time I was sewing I imagined her 
easily grasping the soft handle, slinging it over her shoulder and
toting the portable stool/table where ever she roamed. 
Well, that's exactly what she did! 
Mission accomplished. 

Here is Susan's fantastic, easy to follow tutorial on her blog, 
The only change I made was to use two bags of poly fill. 
In case you don't have a three year old handy, 
Susan recently posted her grown up version.
Happy sewing!

You know how you're either one of those people who 
always wins the prize, or you're just not? 
I quite often find myself in the "just not" category,
until this week when I received an exciting email from 
the lovely Christine over at!
"Vintage inspired sewing for the modern seamstress." 
Speaking of which, I can hardly wait to download 
her Emery dress and get sewing! I'm so happy to have been
introduced to her. I only wish I lived closer to take any
of her classes at Fancy Tiger in Denver.

Back to Christine's recent generous giveaway, 
which you can read about here,  
I won a three month embroidery sampler subscription
from the fabulously talented Rebecca Ringquist.
 Ever since Rebecca began her stitch sampler club
I've wanted to sign up. Eager to expand my stitch vocabulary, 
I can now dive in! Did I say Hooray?!!

Thank you Christine and Rebecca. 
The ripple effect of your friendship and your talents 
is far-reaching!
Keep up your inspiring work and contagious enthusiasm
for all things stitched.
Life is good!


  1. I can hardly believe that she is three! Such a lucky girl to have such a creative auntie!

  2. Thanks, T.! Making things for her to wear or to play with is fun. There's nothing I wouldn't do for her, and who could blame me?!

  3. Breezy is adorable and I bet she loved her princess party and stool. Such a great idea. Clarice

  4. Thanks, Clarice! She really did love sharing princess crowns and wands with her friends (or were they loyal subjects?!) I'd actually make that stool again - it went together pretty easily. Maybe Storybook Woods needs one at her home? ;)