Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Studio Snapshot

Silk sari strips stitched over eco dyed habotai onto linen.
What an enjoyable commission piece to be working on through   
what is becoming a very long, hard winter. 
Lately, David Gray has been playing in the studio
and I thought you might like this video:
Be Mine.
Thought it was appropriate for February. 

I recently added a few bags to my shop.
Knitters love this bag style because it deceptively 
holds a whole sweater! 
Not limited to knitting,
it makes for a great purse or travel project bag.
Did you see all those pockets?
This is my favorite bag to sew, and with spring fabrics  
piled high in the studio, more are on their way.
Questions? Leave me a comment. :)


  1. I am taking my iPad to knitting tonight so that I can show the gals your knitting bag! Beautiful and efficient - kind of like its creator!

  2. You always know how to make a girl feel great! ;)

  3. Busy girl. I love the bag with the bird on it. It looks like it could hold a lot and still look stylin! Clarice

  4. Thanks, Clarice! I really like the Bungalow collection by Joel Dewberry, too. I've recently put a few bags with smashing spring prints in a local shop. Hopefully, I'll get some on Etsy soon.