Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Holy Comfort Food!

 That's right. 
Take a moment.
If you need a remedy to this bone chilling winter
bake up some of these piping hot, homemade
 soft & chewy pretzels!
 This recipe by Two Peas & Their Pod is the first I've tried 
and it received instant rave reviews at our house!
The instructions are easy to follow, easy to execute, 
and the steps move right along.
Before you know it, you've got beautifully browned, soul-warming, 
salty comfort that fits right in your hand, well, two hands if
you're a dipper. Speaking of which, I didn't make the dipping sauce, 
but the recipe included with these pretzels looked mouth-watering. 
Instead, we dipped into prepared honey mustard and plain mustard.
Both are highly recommended.

If you try making these soft pretzels (and dipping sauce) 
for someone who occupies a soft spot in your heart, 
or for the kids when they come in from the c-c-c-cold, 
or just because, let me know what you think!
Fellow Downton Abby fans, doesn't this silver tea strainer 
look like it came straight from Mr. Carson's silver cabinet?
When a very dear friend recently gifted this treasure to me, 
it was the first I had seen anything like it. 
Then, I saw Episode 8.  :)

Now, keep warm by cranking that oven and baking some pretzels!


  1. You had me at "salty"! I can almost taste these through the photo! They look and sound amazing- I will have to give them a "go"!

  2. They were so good that I'm planning to try pecan praline pretzels next! Stay tuned!