Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Be Of Good Cheer!

A treasure from Cady's trip to Australia
Yes, be of good cheer!
Beginning December 1st, Santa's Workshop is here!

Time to make our list and check it twice.
Who has been naughty & who has been nice?

Workshop Wednesdays will be the days
to see what's new in Santa's sleigh:

 festive food, plenty of fun, 
and free projects for every one!

Lay it on thick the whole month long, 
revel in all that is hand made with love!

Now, to get us all in the mood
a special duet that is "my Winter Song to you."


  1. Can not wait to see all of your ideas and inspirations! I'm going to "borrow" your video clip! I love the holiday season!

  2. Thanks Tracy! I'm having so much fun getting every thing together for the entire month. I'm so glad you'll be checking in. It really is my favorite time of year, and sharing is my favorite part.