Sunday, November 20, 2011

Open Studio Sunday

 Meet my companion in the Studio today.
She doesn't have a name yet. 

Soft ears and a sweet face.
Waving hello and sitting up by herself.
Yesterday this bunny was a sketch, 
and today she has become a friend.

After making a few modifications, giving her a name
and maybe even a smaller bunny by her side, 
the sewing pattern will appear in my Etsy shop.

 Every good bunny loves a lettuce patch, and this is ours,
a cold frame built by my husband in late September.
It's November 20th in chilly upstate NY and our lettuce, 
baby spinach and chard continue to grow.

 Cold frame with the lid pulled half way back.
Measuring roughly 4' x 4', we can hardly keep up 
with the produce. My husband stapled plastic 
across the lid because it's what we had on hand
at the time. Considering we've had a few light snowfalls,
the plastic is holding up really well. Nice job honey.

Brussels Sprouts! 
Will a heavy snowfall beat me to them?!


  1. Aw! Your bunny is just too sweet! Her colors are perfect - and her lettuce patch - just right. So glad that we got to benefit from the same patch earlier this week!

  2. Oh your bunny is soo sweet. I am glad he has lots of lettuce xox Clarice