Sunday, November 6, 2011

Open Studio Sunday

 Oh, the joy of one extra hour!
Thanks to that hour, today is shaping up to be 
a productive day spinning, baking and finishing 
a couple of sewing and knitting projects.

 Another great bag is finished, and  
here's a warm congratulations to 
the bag's designer herself, Rebeka Lambert
and her new baby girl, Cecilia!

 After several previously auditioned options, 
it turns out that a hand made button worked best.
This fabric reminds me of a quiet winter day.

 Three cheers for mug mats, tea pot mats, 
and French press mats!
Call them what you want, 
make them any size you want,
I love them all. 
Who wouldn't want to rest a mug 
on one of these?!
These and more will soon be in my Etsy shop!

 This "Nicole" jacket, designed by Jane Ellison 
(Queensland Collection), 
has patiently waited 2 years to be seamed. 
Yes, I am embarrassed about that, 
but it's done, it's cozy and it's all mine. 

Stanley used the extra hour wisely, too.


  1. The bag is just lovely - and yes - the fabric covered button is the perfect complement. You obviously had a very productive day to be able to show so many completed projects! Bravisimo!

  2. You are such an got me up and going...far a swim in a nice warm YWCA pool and then on to tackle my pile of unfinished horoscope said [and this might be yours as well, Tierney, "A sudden brainstorm may turn out to be more than just a pipe dream. It may be time to embsrk upon projects that have been waiting on the back burner." Yeah! XOX