Sunday, November 27, 2011

Open Studio Sunday

 Today is my dear friend Renee's birthday!
I couldn't resist making this mini version of Herself.  
(You can find Debbi Crane's Artful Rag Dolls pattern in  

 Infusing the rag doll with the Birthday Girl's 
current tresses, sweetness, fun-loving spirit, 
and rockin' approach to life was so much fun! 

 Many of Renee's knitting friends gathered today 
for a casual Birthday celebration at Spun Right Round.
The Birthday Girl, far left, with Vickie, Colleen
and Tracy. Friends came and went all afternoon
sporting gorgeous yarns, working the needles and
laughing & eating. Of course. 

 And then Renee's amazing Kent strolled 
into the shop balancing a lit, candle-topped 
cheesecake, champagne and Raspberry Chambord. 
Now that's a party!

 Knowing Renee's love for cinnamon buns, making
these sticky buns (from this favorite book) seemed 
more fitting than a traditional cake.

Nuts, because every Birthday Girl needs choices. 
Oh yes, this recipe is a buttery, gooey keeper.

Watching from above as we
sang "Happy Birthday" and Renee 
blew out candles & made wishes.
Here's hoping they all come true.

Happy Birthday Renee!


  1. A wonderful afternoon was had by all - especially the birthday girl! The cinnamon buns were divine (dittoed by my husband when I brought one home to him). Your doll - right down to the red streak - is Renee to a T!

    I must say - we are really fun people!

  2. Oh gosh mini Renee is charming. I am sure your friend loved her. Clarice