Wednesday, August 17, 2011

"The Great Spirit of Women" Indeed

4 days + 4 girl friends + Wiawaka at Lake George, NY= 
The historic Fuller House
One of Wiawaka's ongoing missions is to provide 
"a peaceful getaway for women in August,
...a respite from the hectic pace of life today - 
the historic buildings and beautiful grounds 
harken back to a simpler time." 

Snap shots from our self-made, fiber-filled respite:
 You may recognize two of these most talented  
spinning friends: Marjorie (back) & Vickie (center). 
Now, kindly meet Mary (front).  
This is Mary in action. 
I want to be Mary. She knows it.  
Wait until you see her prolific, beautiful 
spinning & knitting on Ravelry.

Say Hi! to the 4 of us on Ravelry:

Hmmm, one of those sign holders looks familiar.
Jackie and Daisy 
Daisy was our shooting star good luck charm. 
As soon as she arrived on the dock, 
in the dark of night, stars shot in every direction. 
Wearing a vase of flowers 
and telling spoofy stories at the camp fire,
Joe proved he's the entertainment king.
Kathy (L) Veronica (C) & Joan (R) 
The only thing that would make this staff meeting better 
is lemonade.
A moment to remember, walking in Georgia O'Keefe's 
footsteps. I've adored her and her work since I was in 9th grade. 

You cannot stay at Wiawaka without meeting 
amazing women with interesting life stories.

Getting to know Nancy, above, as she worked on her  
hand appliqued quilt. She and her best friend Sheila 
shared a girls' weekend before Sheila 
makes a life-changing move.

Getting to know Robin was a treat, too. 
She's knitting a gorgeous sweater 
lovingly inherited from a very dear friend
Visit robdob on Ravelry. 

More incredible women with amazing stories:
Casting For Recovery.
Sunday morning, these women lined the shore 
with their fly fishing guides; each woman with her own 
breast cancer story, and each beautifully casting her line.

Spinning a Grafton batt from black to blue to magenta.

Our spinning dries.

Best friends glow. 

Marjorie, Vickie, Mary and I noticed the same thing:
For each woman who saw us spinning, 
her curiosity drew her closer, then before we knew it 
she'd take a seat and tell us about her personal
connection to yarn. Whether knitting, weaving 
or spinning, or if her mother or grandmother taught  
her to knit when she was little, the stories flowed. 
I won't forget hearing about Kathy's 
(ballet) point shoe fitting career, 
DeeDee's new endeavor working with Casting For Recovery,
and Pam's quest to teach needle felting to her young art class.

I'm always in awe at the power fibers have to make 
meaningful connections that last a lifetime, or more.
That goes for Wiawaka, too.

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