Sunday, August 28, 2011

Open Studio Sunday

I've wanted to make these baby booties for weeks now.
 Today was the day, and they were worth the wait.
I spent the whole day camped out on the couch 
watching back-to-back Miss Marple mysteries 
and happily embroidering. *sigh*   
Two more designs waiting to be assembled.
What do you think about these felt & fleece booties?
My other victory today: successfully baking yeast bread. 
I owe it all to my dear friend Tracy who put this book 
in my hands. After five minutes of prep time, 
I completed the starter, shown above. 
This photo is the starter two hours later.
Almost looks like I know what I'm doing.
Time to bake, so the dough went from this,
to this. Then into the oven and thirty minutes later,
Look Tracy, I did it!
If you want to bake yeast bread, get this book. 

This wonderful day has been brought to you 
courtesy of Hurricane Irene. If it wasn't for her steady 
downpour, you'd be looking at pictures of the piles 
of weeds I would have been pulling instead.    

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