Sunday, August 21, 2011

Open Studio Sunday

I'm thrilled to say that this dynamite, 
one-of-a-kind bag is happily in its owner's hands!
As a knitting project bag, the light hearted 
Alexander Henry fabrics are heavy duty, and 
my dear friend Vickie can comfortably store up to 
a baby blanket sized project.
Knowing I'd eventually photograph these
mittens drying on the porch rocking chair,
camera-hog Stanley camped out all morning.
(Still a bit groggy.)
I look at these and all that comes to mind is packing snowballs.
So I moved the mittens over here to 
better show you this really fast mitten pattern.
I'd link to the pattern, but I'm having trouble finding it 
on her new site. I found it through Ravelry, Judith Brodnicki, 
Simple Woolen Mittens. 
A toasty warm thank you to Mary (dearmary on Ravelry
for encouraging me to use my chunky handspun yarn 
for mittens. After 6 hours of knitting on #9's, presto! 
Continuing to follow Mary's wisdom, I slightly felted 
the mitts for maximum toast. And what fiber did I spin 
to achieve the cheeriest mittens ever?! 
Spunrightround's Polwarth. 
 My mother-in-law Fran (L) and her sister Judi (R)
stopped by our house this afternoon.
Aunt Judi drove from Missouri to Ithaca, NY for 
a 10 day visit. Today is the first time 
Aunt Judi and I met in person. 
Drinking coffee & sorting through old photos for hours,
Fran and Judi kept the stories coming and 
kept us all in stitches. 
Just like old times.

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