Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Big Bad Wolf

This is not a story about the little girl in the  
red cape, or the little boy who cried "wolf!"
Instead, it's about my 13 year old, super 
talented nephew who said he wanted to make 
a wolf pillow. Thus began our Tuesday Studio Dates.
 Meet Bryce with his original design,
the Wolf Pillow. I asked if the wolf had a 
name but sadly, not yet. I remain hopeful that 
one day this amazing wolf will have a name -
he definitely deserves one. 
Bryce designed every bit of this wolf himself, 
and had help from Aunt Tierney only on the sewing because 
if you've ever sewn fun fur, you know it's not really fun.   
Bryce packed in lots of details, like these 
giant paws & claws. How about those teeth, 
and glowing yellow eyes? 
The ears were the finishing touch.
A lot of fur, a little felt and tons of personality!

Bryce's talents extend into the kitchen as well.
Last night we had our second Studio Date, 
and after our exciting photo shoot with the Wolf
 we baked Abby Dodge's Classic Crumb Cake 
from her book, The Weekend Baker. 
Bryce did the math for halving the recipe, 
and he measured, stirred & scraped. 
I was impressed, and he was proud.
I occasionally bake this for Bryce's family, 
and he melted my heart last night when he 
told me this is his favorite breakfast food.
(Everyone knows the crumb topping is the best part.)

Here's to more Tuesday Studio Dates with Bryce!

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