Sunday, July 31, 2011

Open Studio Sunday

Friends, you are looking at my $5.25 score 
during yesterday's infamous Route 90 
Garage Sale. Look carefully and you might see some 
hand made sketchbooks and a new Silver Trumpet 
toy or two. And here I've been avoiding this 
megga-garage sale all these years....

Notice that exotic fan in the background? 
It's a garage sale gift from my partner in crime, 
Tracy, who has the companion fan in black. S-weet! 
What's in the Studio today? 
A heap of new bags perfect for those
late summer-to-fall knitting projects, 
meeting a friend for lunch 
or heading to the farmer's market. 
Keep an eye on my Etsy shop for this fresh 
assortment of finished bags and
Silver Trumpet's original bag & quilt sewing patterns
Again I say, S-weet!

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