Sunday, July 10, 2011

Open Studio Sunday

 On the banks of Skaneateles Lake there sits a surprise: 
a serene yet vibrant lavender farm. 

 My dear friend Tracy and her lovely mother Norma
invited me to join them this morning at the farm's 

 Walking among rows of lavender for the picking, 
observing the minute differences between varieties, 
deeply breathing in the calming fragrance 
with the sun on my face -
I can't imagine a better Sunday morning,  

Norma and Tracy!
and these are the two spectacular women responsible. 

Cindy Petters's talented hands at work.
The variety of artists & fine craftspeople was a pleasant 
surprise. While I enjoyed talking with many of the artists, 
I have to say that meeting Cindy Petters of 
Farmgirl Sass was clearly a highlight.

Wish you could get closer? Visit her online!
 A few words about Cindy and her work:
charming, meaningful, engaging, fun and
all at once, down to earth & ethereal.

Crepes, any one? How French!

Scissors and a seat are all you need to bring home 
a bundle of fresh lavender goodness.

How easy to pass the day in one of these pretty
chairs just people watching, taking in the views 
and eating lavender crepes.

My take-home loot, and as fate 
would have it, this Cindy Petters necklace is titled:
"Love & Embrace What Is."

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