Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Visit To the Extraordinary

Tracy, Marjorie, Ginny's niece, Sue, Renee, Nancy and Cheryl Schaefer
Today, some of my knitting friends & I enjoyed a spectacular visit 
to the one and only Schaefer Yarns! I asked my car full of 
fiber friends to share what they enjoyed most.

Cheryl is a delightful host!  She shared the ins and outs and 
ups and downs of her business along with anecdotes that were entertaining. 
Since I have no business experience, it was very interesting to me 
to hear about how she deals with various suppliers in different countries, 
and how the ebb and flow of things with her suppliers 
means that she must also be very adaptable.
I loved seeing all of the rooms where the dyeing and skein winding 
were done.  I really enjoy getting to know the entire process, which helps me 
appreciate, all the more, the end product.
I had a great time. Cheryl is AWESOME!
I totally scored...Spun Right Round now
carries Schaefer Yarns!!

The names of the color ways are based on famous women.
The skeins hanging on the drying racks.
Cheryl herself - how friendly & welcoming to her business.

Yours Truly
Like my friends, I was impressed that Cheryl Schaefer gave us a personal tour. 
That she's funny and down to earth made it even more enjoyable.
Her flower gardens are a show unto themselves. Walking among the colors and
 textures made me wonder which of my favorite Schaefer color ways were 
inspired by these very gardens....   

From the cones, to the dye baths, to the drying racks, 
Schaefer Yarns truly earn their reputation for being 
of the highest quality, and for providing consistent, 
exquisite color combinations. 

We can't thank you enough, Cheryl, for 
an extraordinary Saturday morning!

(My loot!)

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