Friday, July 15, 2011

In the Heat Of Summer

In upstate NY, we've been experiencing a string 
of what I'd call perfect summer days. Today, I'm paying 
homage to my flourishing gardens because they continue 
to grow and flower despite my severe lack of attention.

French Green Beans well on their way, and 
I love these soft, warm yellow-greens.
Nice colors for a summery quilt...add a little  
pink & blue and we're in business!

Since my dear friend Lori showed me her Patty Pan squash
last year, I've wanted to grow them too. She picks them when 
they're a little bigger than the one shown above, 
but still fairly small, because of how tender they are. 
Just a few more days and this one's going in a stir fry!

A change of scene, my front walk in desperate 
need of my TLC. While it's always a work in progress, 
it's soul-satisfying work. The changing colors and textures 
bring me great joy, and this garden is a peaceful retreat 
on our already quiet street. 

 Alright, now I'm motivated to prune, water, divide and conquer!

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