Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Dearly Departed?

We all have those little signs that tell us summer's 
easy, relaxed pace has departed, and that fall 
is once again on our doorstep.
For me, it's the frequent urge to bake & cook.

In case you've just dropped by, I've recently found 
success baking yeast breads from this book.

Now that we seem to always have a loaf of freshly baked 
bread on the counter, I'm so thankful to Rebecca Ringquist
for posting a jam recipe that is the most fragrant 
 jam I've ever had the pleasure of cooking (above.)
Not that I'm rushing it, but just wait
until I open one of these jars in February!

Cook up a batch of Plum Vanilla Jam
and get ready for a mouth-watering treat that's
perfect over ice cream, slathered on piping hot toast, 
drizzled on ricotta cheese, or remember the
toasted PB&J with homemade marshmallow?!

The days before home-baked bread.

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