Sunday, September 11, 2011

Open Studio Sunday

 You know how some ideas just need time to simmer? 
Well, this weekend an idea moved from a long-time 
simmer to a rolling boil. Pictured here are 
close ups of my early experiments for a potential 
quilt series about women, hand work and time; 
layers of meaning that took hold more than 
20 years ago and are only now finding their way 
onto a tangible, physical surface.  

While this is only the first phase, I suspect there are 
more ideas, insights and exploration ahead of me.  
I just thought it might be nice to share my process with you. 
If you would be so kind, please stay tuned for more 
installments of my very personal, meaningful process.
Hearing your feedback, thoughts and impressions 
would mean the world to me. I hope you'll feel welcome to 
share in the comments section.
It's all a part of the process, and your input matters to me.
Now back to the Studio:
 Hot off the press are these "toy puppy" booties. 
100% hand sewn & embroidered, and absolutely 
cute as can be. A few more photos 
and then they'll appear in my Etsy shop along with 

a new crop of reversible 
flannel travel blankies & Clutch'ems!
Making these blankies and stuffed animals 
for toddler boys & girls always brings a smile to my face.
Pair them with a children's book and you've got 
the perfect baby shower gift.
Both sewing patterns are available on my Etsy shop 
for any one wishing to whip up your own set, 
and bust some of that fabric and ribbon stash as well!
Purchase of the Clutch'em set includes the 
reversible travel blankie instructions.

A final note:
Here, you know her as "my dear friend Tracy",
and now you can get to know her as your friend Tracy
by frequenting her new blog:
Tracy's current post is all about Spun Right Round's 
Grand Opening Celebration and is a fantastic look at 
Renee, her gorgeous shop and all the fun that was had Saturday.
Congratulations Renee, and welcome to Cortland!

Welcome Tracy. You were meant to blog! 

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