Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Day Late

But not a dollar short.... 
Bag lovers, look at what's for sale in my shop!

Pattern: See & Sew B5273
Fabric: isso ecco, printed by Lecien

I really like this magnetic 2-tab closure.
It's quicker than undoing a button, 
and for this deep bag, it nicely secures the contents

Pattern: The (Jumbo) Two-Hour Tulip Purse, by Janice D. Pope
Main Fabric: Kaffe Fassett's stripes

This jumbo Tulip Bag is among the best knitting bags 
I have. Seeing is believing when I tell you this unassuming bag 
holds so much! Plus, I made this one with three large pockets. 

 Having first received this same style bag as a gift from 
my very dear Friend Vickie, who I would describe without 
hesitation as a bag connoisseur, I can tell you that my 
February Lady Sweater, 2 skeins of yarn and the pattern 
easily fit in this bag with room to spare. 
Thanks for enabling my bag sewing addiction, Vickie!

Pattern: Vogue Accessories V8406
Fabrics: Larkspur and Bebe (organic), 
both printed for the Alexander Henry Fashion For Home Collection
 This is a detail of the third bag I've been working on. 
It's the bomb! - and it sold right out from under me 
before it was even finished. 
Only a most avid supporter & lovely Friend would 
make me feel so accomplished...thank you Vickie!
So far, of all the bags I've ever made, this is my favorite.
Expect to see more examples of this bag.

You can find the Sling bag & the Tulip (Perfect Project) bag 
over at my shop. If you'd like any of these bags in 
a different fabric & color combination, 
I will gladly try my best to accommodate.
Kindly leave me a message on this blog. 


  1. Didn't I see some of this fabric as mere folds just one short week ago! You have been very busy~and the bags are "the bomb"!!

  2. Thanks Tracy! I'm ready to sew up some more...look out!