Friday, May 6, 2011

Finally Friday!

Each year, I look forward to honoring my Mom on 
Mother's Day, and I try to find different ways to 
recognize and appreciate her. 
Rather than send her "stuff", my Mom prefers us (her kids) 
to give to charities on her behalf.  
Over the years, finding meaningful causes 
has become a personal and rewarding quest.
In fact, it has become my favorite gift to give. 

Christine Mason Miller gave me the idea for this year's gift
by sharing on her site the incredible story of Suraya Pakzad
founder and director of Voice of Women (VOW) in Afghanistan.
  I made my gift in honor of my Mom, 
and I invite you to learn more about Suraya 
and consider giving in honor of your Mom. 

Wishing all Moms a lovely Mother's Day filled with 
joy and happiness.


  1. To paraphrase my own mother's words just last week "When you help to improve the life of one woman, you improve the lives of a whole family." Suraya Pakzad is living those words.

  2. Tracy, you continue to share the best wisdom!