Sunday, May 1, 2011

Open Studio Sunday

This morning, I took the Studio outside for a photo shoot. 
Guess who meandered, jumped and ran through several shots?
I know, he looks innocent.

While we were out, we received this spectacular greeting.

Back inside, new friends under construction.
Stay tuned for how these progress.
We'll find out together.


  1. That Stanley - he does have a way! Eager to see the newest project!

  2. Thanks Tracy - I'm really excited about the progress on the swans. I go to bed thinking about them, and I wake up thinking about them. So many ideas to explore. Something tells me you'll be among the first to see finished products. : )

  3. it looks like the swans are secretly gliding into the scene...maybe aware of Stanley?

  4. You might have something there, Cheri!