Friday, May 20, 2011

Finally Friday!

The Squam Art Workshops countdown continues!
Meet the Founder: Elizabeth MacCrellish.
To be warmly greeted by name, 
and welcomed with an open heart.
To be given permission to let go, 
and accepted just as you are.
To connect with a hundred other creative souls,
and allow the magic to take hold.
 All of this is to experience Elizabeth.
While in this woodsy haven, attending amazing 
daytime workshops is only one aspect of SAW.
Elizabeth lines up three nights of All-Star entertainment. 
What a great feeling to walk back to my cabin thinking, 
"I'm so glad I came to this tonight."

Jonatha Brooke attends SAW each year, and also 
performs one of the three nights.
Lucky us.
If you don't have Jonatha's CD "The WORKS", go get it.
Lucky you.


  1. Loved the clip on Jonatha Brooke. Anyone who can channel Woody Guthrie has got to be great!