Sunday, May 8, 2011

Open Studio Sunday

The real deal inspiration in the top corner. 
Fashion from the 1600-1800's gets me excited.
I love every thing about it: 
that it's expertly hand made, 
the attention to detail & pride in workmanship, 
the shapes & proportions,
the fabrics, patterns, colors & layers, 
the ruffles, beads, gold work, ribbons & sequins, 
but most of all, that it's extinct today.  
I'm not claiming to be an expert seamstress, 
I just have a deep appreciation for the workmanship 
and fondness for materials from that bygone era.

Today, working in the studio has been all about 
gold work, pearls & vintage metal sequins, 
hand drawn patterns & hand sewing,
and creating beautiful forms that have the simple purpose 
of being just that, beautiful to look at. 
All while watching (well, mostly listening to)
"Narnia" and "Finding Neverland."  

What a fine day.


  1. Me thinks I spy a little "Tinsel Trading" in that picture!

  2. Why yes you do! And you would know ; )