Friday, May 13, 2011

Finally Friday!

Over the next three Fridays, I'm celebrating  
the magic of Squam Art Workshops.

Watching the video brings back all the beauty, 
kindness, trust & fellowship that abound in 
that special forest on Squam Lake, NH.

In 2009, my amazing friend Vickie some how 
came across SAW. While I'm not sure how she found it, 
I couldn't be more thankful that she did, and that she asked me 
to join her. It changed my life. Each year since, we've traveled  
to this gorgeous Victorian camp to soak up 3 solid days of 
creativity, laughter, learning and making friends. 
These few Friday installments lead up to our annual 
intrepid journey on Wednesday, June 1st.

What workshops am I taking? 
 It was tough to narrow down the selection, but here they are:
Shirt & Dress Pattern Making with Cal Patch
Copy Cat Embroidery with Rebecca Ringquist
Botanical Printing with Maya Donenfeld

Honestly, could I be in any better hands?
Please visit their sites when you can - you're in for a treat.
YEAH!! Let the count down begin!


  1. I hope you have a great time at Squam :) Love reading your posts and seeing your adventures.

  2. I hope that next year I may be able to join you and Vickie - one of my retirement goals!