Sunday, October 2, 2011

Open Studio Sunday

 To look at these vivid hydrangeas today
you'd never know the sky is actually  
dismal gray and it's positively cold outside.
Fall has arrived.
Pre-drafted BFL roving, Pigeonroof Studios

Each fall, I look forward to attending fiber festivals.
Having just come off of Hemlock and Southern Adirondack 
my fiber stash is beefed up for winter spinning, 
or so I thought. As you may recall from last Sunday's post, 
thanks to my dear friend Mary Miller 
(or as you know her on Ravelry, dearmary,) 
I have found a new love, three ply. 

Pigeonroof Studios, BFL on the bobbin
Last Sunday, when I gathered some fiber to begin 
trying my hand at three ply, some fiber turned into 
lots of fiber, and then I knew I had just opened 
a giant can of worms.

Into The Whirled, Spun Right Round, to name a few more.
I was filling bobbins so fast that I had to phone a friend!
(Thanks for the extra bobbins, Vickie.)
With enough bobbins loaded, I went headlong into plying.

Thanks to my dear friend Steph who emboldened my 
sense of color combinations when she told me 
not to over think it - just do it! Those magic words 
allowed me to just let go and ply (almost) anything together. 
 Here's a look at the first fruits of my labor:
While I admit that all of that spinning was  
kind of a blur, I can still name names: 
Spun Right Round, Into The Whirled
Pigeonroof Studios and some mystery random 
bobbin ends. They were all wonderful to spin. 
I discovered I like mixing fibers in the same three ply - 
merino & BFL, for example. Another can of worms.
As Mary explained to me, three ply results in 
a much rounder yarn, and let me assure you, 
this is the squoooshiest yarn I've ever spun.

The next step in the process: knit!
Pattern suggestions, any one?

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  1. GORGEOUS!!! I can't wait to see and touch these!