Sunday, October 30, 2011

Open Studio Sunday

Satisfying, hearty, delicious.
 If you love pumpkin pie and oatmeal, 
you have to try this easy recipe!
May your kitchen smell amazing and your belly be full.

 That hearty breakfast was essential 
for tackling this pile.

Taking a break from bags & quilts, I gave myself 
permission to cut loose today and make mug mats. 
Are you in on the craze?! 
I've wanted to make them for months, and today was the day. 

Facing that pile of scraps was a little daunting,
but I eventually found my groove and was cranking out 
mug mats as only a sewer and mug lover could.

  Rebecca Ringquist's printed butterfly looks great next to
a piece of cotton that I dyed using the snow melt process.
Rebecca's printed fabrics are lighthearted and unique,
making them great fun to mix and match.
Unlimited potential, I tell ya! 

 I don't think I've posted pictures of my work table 
mid stream, but this is fairly tame. Those scraps  
grew to a full-fledged mound by dinner time. 

My favorites from today's session
(and they're not even finished yet!) 
Count me in on the mug mat craze because 
these are fun, addicting and useful.

Mug mats will soon be for sale in my shop 
just in time for holiday giving! College students, 
co-workers, hostess gifts, best friends...
who wouldn't love such a thoughtful gift?

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  1. Aside from the oatmeal ( I thoroughly checked out the recipe and will do it soon!), your mug mats are darling! I'm not sure that "darling" is the correct adjective - but it works for me! I'm eager to check them out in your shop - and I know that they will be on my gift-giving list! You never fail to inspire!