Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Stitch & Tie

The original paper & paste 
 Welcome back for Part 4, the final installment 
in this series called Paper & Paste.

Last Wednesday I hinted about texture & shine. 
The bad news is that the "shine" fell through. 
The good news is the "texture" is ready to strut its stuff!
Have you tried sewing paper? 
Personally, I'm happier sewing thicker paper, and 
I like any thread that will breathe life into the design.
Here, I really enjoy the effect of variegated thread. 
(Better photo below.)
Today, I made a little booklet from plain paper I had 
lying around, and of course used the gorgeous 
machine stitched paper for the cover. 
A bit if wax linen thread, button hole thread 
or embroidery floss will work nicely for the binding.
Outside cover, bound with orange wax linen thread.

Inside the cover is just as nice as outside.
For me, free-motion sewing is like holding a pencil.
Anything can be "drawn".

A clearer view of the variegated thread.
My little booklet will be used as my personal phone book.
Yes, I still write them down...after all, an electronic
device just doesn't offer me this fantastic texture 
each time I reach for a friend's number.

Well, my friends, thanks for coming by 
for the Paper & Paste series.
I hope you'll cook up a quick batch of paste with 
young people and make some wrapping papers, 
holiday cards or gift tags, cut your paper into strips 
for gorgeous paper chains, or any thing else 
you can dream up. Most of all, have fun!


  1. Lovely book! I like the sewing a lot.

  2. Wonderful! And what a wonderful gift for friends (Hmm)