Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Simple & Stylish

 Welcome to the third installment of Paper & Paste!
Remember how easy it was to whip up the paste recipe 
(scroll back two Wednesdays) 
and spread it over the stencil and onto your paper?

 After removing the stencil and letting the paste dry,
you were promised limitless potential for using 
your newly decorated papers.
Without further delay:

 Here's a look at what variegated thread 
in the sewing machine can do for a solid paint color. 
More on this technique to follow, especially
since the back might even be prettier than the front!

Destined to become a special note card or book cover, 
more experimental sewing is needed (darn my luck) 
so stay tuned to see how it turns out.

 Here's the same stencil with red paste on tracing paper.
A little bit of ribbon and a tag, and you've got a simple, 
inexpensive, personal way to polish up a brown paper package.

This says assembly line for holiday gift wrapping, doesn't it?! 
Remember last Wednesday's post showing how to make 
your own stencils? Think snowman, ornament, 
star, tree...or you could get fancy and cut a snowflake, 
reindeer or pine boughs from stencil plastic sold at 
quilt stores or online. Don't be intimidated though, because 
even the simplest design would look festive and fun! 

The same stencil and red paste on thick cotton paper
makes for a sturdy gift tag. You could get several tags 
from one piece of paper.
Take a fine point pen and draw "stitches" around all of
the shapes. If you're cutting your tag from a larger piece 
of paper, choose a spot to cut your tag that allows 
room for writing To & From. Once the tag is cut out, 
punch a small hole at the top, thread a narrow ribbon through 
and fasten onto your package.

Next Wednesday, I'll share ways to add sparkle and texture 
to your paper & paste papers! You wouldn't want to miss out 
on something shiny, would you?


  1. Oh my! This is wonderful! I just love the wrapping (and your photo is splendid - with the shadows). And to then see that the "to" person is one of my very favorite people!

  2. Ohhh, this is veryyyy cool. I love it. Thank you for sharing !! CLarice