Sunday, October 9, 2011

Open Studio Sunday

Today has been about my continual quest to find 
the perfect bag. Comfortable with both customizing sewing 
patterns and making my own, when I saw this bag I thought, 
"maybe that's it, the perfect bag." 
So, I figured it would be worth sewing precisely as designed by 
 Immediately after sewing Rebeka's "Pleated Tote"
I knew I really liked it. This bag is deep and holds 
a ton o'schtuff, the strap length is just right, and it 
looks equally great carried by a tall or short person. 
Now that's saying a lot. 
Pink never fails to cheer. 
I know my friend receiving this gift will be very pleased, 
which makes me very pleased.

Thank you for sharing your wonderful Pleated Tote
tutorial, Rebeka. I can't wait to make one for myself!


  1. Great bag! I love the pink lining.

  2. I particularity love anything that will hold "a ton o'schtuff". However - the design and fabric are fabulous!!! You keep going girl!