Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Big things come in small packages.
This one is right outside my front door.
I hope a critter doesn't beat me to it.

Good things take time.
Cheryl Niamath of fetchingknits offers this 
free pattern. A small group of knitting friends in town 
are knitting several of these cute mini sweaters 
to help our Very Special Friend with a 
Very Special Project. 
Come back to meet SpunRightRound's very own 
Renee Hahnel next Wednesday.
You're in for a treat with this talented, humorous, 
energetic and lovely artist and friend.
(Oh, I can hardly wait!)

  Good things come to those who wait.
Well truth be told, I couldn't wait to begin 
Bonnie Sennott's Restless scarf pattern.
What an enjoyable project with crystal clear, 
easy to follow directions. I'm using Ella Rae
Lace Merino, color 109, purchased from 
my friend Beth's shop, Sheep Thrills! Yarn Company.

For many of us, knitting and nature go hand in hand
We feel grounded when we're knitting or 
spinning outdoors. It's wonderful.
Except for today when I risked life & limb for these photos. 
My entire front walk is covered in flowering thyme. 
The thyme is in full bloom. Did someone say bees? 
No joke, they were swarming around my entire body 
while I gingerly laid on patches of thyme to photograph 
the strawberry. Then, with buzzing high and low 
(mostly low) around me, I thoroughly scoped every inch 
of thyme before my next foot step as I quickly laid out and 
shot of the scarf. No time to fuss!
Perhaps a little too much grounding.

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