Sunday, June 19, 2011

Open Studio Sunday

On a day like this,

nothing hits the spot like this:
Crunchy Berry Summer Crisp from 
Abby Dodge's book, The Weekend Baker.

And not much makes me happier 
than working on my newest quilt design!
Stay tuned for more about this quilt because 
it's coming to you for FREE with my favorite 
organization in mind, Project Linus. 

My hope is that you'll want to make this quilt 
over and over for kids in need because it's fast, 
easy and versatile. It's perfect for boys or girls 
of all ages. The design easily handles scraps, 
batiks, novelties, or holiday themed fabrics. 
I'm so excited about how it's coming together! 
I'll soon share it in an upcoming post, 
as well as place the free sewing instructions 
 next to the Project Linus link. 

Wishing Dads every where a happy & fun Father's Day!

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