Sunday, June 26, 2011

Open Studio Sunday

Introducing my first free Project Linus quilt design:

Sunny day pictures coming soon!
This overcast day can't dampen my love for 
this simple, airy, happy quilt!

 Fast! This design took one day to cut, piece, 
layer and pin, then another half day to quilt and bind. 

The entire time I worked on this quilt, I imagined 
a child wrapped in it, and my heart went a flutter. 
There's something about making for and 
giving to young people, especially those in need. 
For me, it's about feeling
So, give this quilt a whirl and feel happy!

The free quilt pattern & instructions will be posted 
in the next few weeks! You'll find it right next to the 
Project Linus link in the right side bar.

Home made sewing table review:
The table I fashioned on Friday from DOW styrofoam
boards works pretty well. I haven't added that top layer 
of clear vinyl, and I'm not sure I'll need to. I was able to 
manage the quilt: maneuvering the bulk, feeding the quilt 
toward the feed dogs, and remaining comfortable 
while sewing. I can recommend this for any sewer needing
a larger work surface and an easy fabrication. 

Here's another great use for DOW rigid styrofoam 
(blue) boards: tape a few sheets together for a custom,
lightweight design wall that you can then pin into and 
iron fabric against without ruining the styrofoam board.
Happy designing & sewing!

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