Friday, June 10, 2011

Squam, The Journey Continues

Thanks for indulging me in a second post about my 
Squam experience. This one's for my cabin mates!
Meet my Everest cabin mates, including two mother-
daughter pairs: Mary & Madi and Madeleine & Christine, 
and Bonnie, Beth, Shirley and Vickie. 
Back left: Madi, Vickie,  Mary, Beth and Bonnie
Friday night we rolled with laughter by the fire. 
Below is the "Tarantula" yarn ball. It took three bright, 
patient women to untangle the beast.
Madeleine, Madi and Christine
Safe by the fire, Mary enjoys the tangled tarantula spectacle
This same evening, Christine taught Madi how to purl. 
What a moment! Christine was so patient, clear and helpful - 
a wonderful teacher.
Madi's young eyes & capable hands at work. Great design, right?
I had the pleasure of taking Rebecca Ringquist's 
Copy Cat Embroidery class with Madi & Mary. 
Madi accomplished a huge amount of work 
that day, and she's an extremely talented, fun-loving 
young lady who left an indelible impression on us all.
Mother-Daughter Dynamic Duo: Mary & Madi 
I apologize to Shirley & Beth for not having photos 
of your lovely faces!
So much of the Squam experience is bonding with the diverse
group in your cabin, and I had the pleasure of rooming 
with 8 fantastic, interesting, beautiful women. 
Thank you all for a memorable, special time.
Bonnie Sennott

You must see Bonnie's sketchbook here!
 If you're on Ravelry, check out Bonnie's patterns: 
You're in for a treat! I know I was surprised to discover 
one of my favorite patterns, Kernel, is Bonnie's own design. 
Her talents are many, her spirit is warm and sincere.
She's a wealth of knowledge and is ready & willing to share.
Do have a look at her blog, shop, sketchbook and knit patterns.

Meet my new friend: 
Anne B. Weil
Have you ever seen a face shine quite like this?
I assure you, Anne is every bit as warm and kind as 
this snap shot suggests. Visit her blog. You'll be glad you did. 
Don't forget that tomorrow, Saturday June 11th is 
World Wide Knit In Public Day. Tell me where you're knitting!

I hope you have a fun, creative, happy weekend,
 as I leave you with The Wailin' Jennys. 
(They make me feel all Squamy!)


  1. What a lovely post, Tierney! I agree, Christine was an absolutely wonderful teacher when she was helping Madi to purl. I never got a photo of Madeleine and Christine, so it's nice to see them here on your blog.

    Madi's boundless creativity was a joy to witness and continues to inspire me days after leaving Squam. She and Mary and all our cabin mates were so much fun to spend time with!

    Looking at your picture of me sketching the ladyslippers brought back memories of the hungry Squam mosquitoes. I really suffered for my art while I drew those ladyslippers. I got bit like crazy, but it was worth it. :-)

  2. I saw your ladyslipper sketches, Bonnie, and for what it's worth, I'm glad you had the strength to endure those pesky mosquitoes!

  3. First - what wonderful photos! Then - what wonderful information about your bunk-mates and your teachers! And to then end with the Wailin' Jennys! Bet you had no idea I was a fan!

  4. Yeah, a fellow Wailin' Jennys fan! Road trip music for sure, Tracy : )