Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Squam, Sweet Squam

Those first deep breaths -
pine needles, fresh mountain air and the lake. 
Despite the wild weather changes, 
Squam was as enchanting & luminous as ever.

Let's get right to it: 
the WORKSHOPS that I took were phenomenal.
If you ever have an opportunity to attend 
workshops by any of these 3 women, you must.
Shirt & Dress Pattern Making
Cal Patch delivered excellent technical information 
without going over our heads. She certainly made me feel 
confident and excited to go forth and draft more patterns, 
to make modifications, and to even draft patterns for 
my daughter. My entire day with Cal Patch was delightful, 
informative and empowering. If you haven't seen her book
Design-It-Yourself Clothes, and sewing your own 
clothing interests you, it's a must-have in your sewing library.
I'm completely embarrassed to admit that I have 
no photos of Cal. She's beautiful inside and out, and is 
always wearing her own garments. Honestly, I was so busy 
in her class that I didn't even think to stop and take pictures.
To meet her fabulous self in person, take one of her classes....
Measurements, plotting, connecting dots, then "poof," a pattern!

Copy Cat Embroidery
Prepare for an adventure with Rebecca Ringquist 
and your needle & thread. With her years of fiber experience, 
pure talent, and knowledge of the history of needle arts, 
Rebecca proves there are no stitch & fiber limits 
in this day and age. To get our own creative 
wheels turningRebecca took us through some fun steps 
and before we knew it, we were all stitching our own 
designs on found fabric that we brought from home.
I'm still 4" off the ground from this innovative workshop, 
let alone a day in Rebecca's easy, relaxed company.
Have a peek at her current show in Chicago.
A few of the talented women in the class, with Rebecca center back.
My own embroidery under way.

Botanical Printmaking
Maya Donenfeld's cup of compassion & encouragement 
runneth over. Her creative process in the classroom 
is always fun & interesting, but to simply be in her 
presence is the best part of all.
She is a wealth of knowledge and has a simple, 
straightforward approach, using as much of 
what's on hand as possible. Maya celebrates nature
and infuses beauty into even the most humble materials.
Thank goodness she has a book coming out this summer -
Look for it! I know it will knock our socks off. 
In the mean time here are publications featuring 
some of Maya's fun-filled projects
My stencil work under way.
Ta-da! Inspired by Lupine leaves.
Maya, herself.

Four days in a woodsy embrace, 
among loving hearts and creative spirits.
What's not to love?

My first Lady Slipper, thanks to Madi & Mary.
Come back Friday for more Squam goodness.
Try as I might, I just couldn't fit it all in one post!


    1. Your photos and your embroidery are so beautiful! I loved the Stitch Dictionary class with Rebecca and worked a little on my Squam sampler last night. I can't wait to finish it!

    2. I know what you mean about a class with Rebecca - I feel like we were so lucky to have so many talented, kind teachers willing to give their all to us. It's quite an experience, and always difficult to put in to words. Although, you did a fine job on your blog post!

    3. Wonderful! I'm reminded of SAW two years ago when we met. It's such a special place.

    4. ooooohhh! Eager for the day that I might see and experience all of this myself! Fabulous pictures!

    5. Thanks Tracy! I know you'll get there some day, and when you do, you'll fast become a Squamee too!

    6. a lovely post Tierney! thanks for your nice words about my class, and you obviously have great taste in teachers because Maya and Rebecca are the two teachers i would most love to take classes with too! i have collected all of Rebecca's samplers and hope to make some progress on them this summer. i can't wait to see what you make with your patterns!