Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sound the Trumpets!

Meet the oh-so-talented Renee Hahnel of SpunRightRound!
What a blast it is to have her here!
Renee is the Wizard behind the curtain 
blending primo fibers in a dizzying array of
colors for our spinning & felting enjoyment. 
Take a moment to see her work here
then enjoy this candid interview. 
Full disclosure: Silver Trumpet and SpunRightRound are friends, 
and supporting Renee is a pure delight. Silver Trumpet 
has received nothing for posting this interview. 

How did SpunRightRound come about?
It all started in 2008 when I began spinning my own yarn. 
After falling in love with handspuns that were 
way out of budget I took a short class, bought a wheel 
and my love for fiber blossomed! Shortly thereafter, I began 
dyeing rovings & loose fibers and carding art batts.
What aspect of owning your business is most rewarding?
The freedom of owning your own business is amazing. 
You can guide it in any which way you please. 
You get back what you put into it, that is most rewarding!
What might we hear playing in your Fiber Room?
Oh! Music, I love music!
My favorites right now are Clutch, Jethro Tull, Phoenix, 
Bessie Smith and Joy Division. A variety indeed!
Favorite late night snack: 
Peanut butter & crackers, ginger snaps.
Favorite trend:
My favorite trend ever was the grunge scene explosion. 
I will never not love the baby doll dress and combat boot combo. 
Also, the beehive hairstyle is fantastic.
Favorite season:
Fall! I love the smell of apples, leaves, the wood burning stove,
and roasted veggies in the oven.

What would you still like to learn?
Too much! On the top of my list are large scale printing,
weaving, home brewing and making my own essential oils.
Please introduce us to your many furry, playful friends.
We have two fuzzy Angora Bunnies: 
Harry Houdini & Angus Almighty
Harry Houdini
Angus Almighty
And we have four cats:
Wolfgang Amadeus Woodgrain, The Artful Dodger,
Cliff (A.K.A. C-Note) and Three.
Three...just look at that face!
How do you blow off steam?
A good conversation at the end of a long day is awesome!
The Artist at work

What's most meaningful to you?
Love and photographs.
I hope you've enjoyed meeting Renee and 
peeking inside the genius mind behind the 
hugely successful SpunRightRound.
Stay tuned for updates on SpunRightRound's 
next chapter:
a brick and mortar store in Cortland, NY!
Renee is working hard at stocking the shelves 
with colorful yarns, a rainbow of fibers 
for card-your-own batts and felting. 
She'll offer embroidery kits, felting kits, 
spinning wheels, drop spindles, 
gorgeous needles galore, 
vintage buttons, and tons of other 
cool stuff we all just need to have!
Renee will have a full roster of workshops 
demos led by dynamic, talented instructors, 
helping us make excellent use of all those 
cool tools and toys.
Stay tuned - you won't want to miss Renee's 
hip, fun & funky shop decorating and 
our Open House coverage! 

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